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A creative celebration

     ArtBarLA, located in Mar Vista, is a space that showcases the work of all types of creatives.  It is the best of what the Los Angeles art world has to offer. The artwork accepted into our monthly group shows is solely based on the quality of work rather than the artists’ exhibit and sales history.  This allows us to introduce new and under exposed talent.  Because we cater to an over 21 audience, artists are allowed to express themselves freely without the threat of censorship.  Our outside murals will be changed out approximately every six months and our patrons will also be entertained by live painters.

Having a stage opens up the range of artistic expression even further.  In addition to the visual arts, the stage will provide anything from performance art, bands and DJ’s to over the top shows from burlesque to magic and beyond.  We will also host artists talks as ArtBarLA is a gathering place for the community, innovators and free thinkers in the art world.  ArtBarLA is an open space for open minds.  This sense of openness and innovation will bring something to the art world Los Angeles has yet to experience.

ArtBarLA is a delight to the senses, not limited to sight and sound, but taste as well.  We have partnered with local breweries to provide fine artisan craft beers which can be consumed straight from the tap or bottle or enjoyed in a tasty beer cocktail.  All beverages will be savored in our unique setting.  Guests can sit back and relax in our whimsical bar and lounge area.  Every piece of eclectic furniture has been carefully curated to provide a fun, playful experience. 

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @artbarla or contact us at

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